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About Us

ZipX is able to provide an unparalleled service to our customers with world class logistics coverage in 15+ countries with the help of cutting edge technology.

We provide our customers a seamless shopping experience, without the worries and complications of international shipping.

Our number one priority.

Give the best experience to our customers around the globe.

This includes transparency of pricing, tracking, ease-of-use, coverage, and access.

number one


Why use ZipX?

ZipX can instantly price products from around the world in your local currency.

So you can shop with us to purchase from anywhere, using your local credit card.

ZipX delivers products from anywhere to your door.

In 2019 we acquired a company called Trusu to elevate the ZipX experience.

Integrating their technology, ZipX can now instantly price products from around the world in local currency.

Trusu allows consumers to order a range of household, leisure, and other products from US retailers. Users can search for goods by the name of the retailer that sells them from overseas retailers. For example, Amazon, Costco, or Walmart. They can search any retailers from the USA, UK, EU, or Japan. The service then automatically prices products in the buyer’s local currency, inclusive of all shipping and duty costs. Customers can pay using their local credit cards via its website. By integrating Trusu, its customers will be able to instantly purchase products all the way to their door.

We believe no other service has had the vision to seamlessly offer a worldwide catalogue of products to their customers like ZipX has.


Hong Kong

I asked ZipX for the impossible, a charcoal grill (along with Charcoal!) from the USA within 10 days to have a summer BBQ for my daughter's birthday. ZipX communicated with me the entire time and we were able to have a great party.

How does ZipX work?


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