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ZipX is able to provide an unparalleled service to our customers with world class logistics coverage in 15+ countries with the help of cutting edge technology.

We provide our customers a seamless shopping experience, without the worries and complications of international shipping.


Our number one priority.

Give the best experience to our customers around the globe.

This includes transparency of pricing, tracking, ease-of-use, coverage, and access.

number one

We Ship From.


Why use ZipX?

ZipX can instantly price products from around the world in your local currency.

So you can shop with us to purchase from anywhere, using your local credit card.

ZipX delivers products from anywhere to your door.

In 2019 we acquired a company called Trusu to elevate the ZipX experience.

Integrating their technology, ZipX can now instantly price products from around the world in local currency.

Trusu allows consumers to order a range of household, leisure, and other products from US retailers. Users can search for goods by the name of the retailer that sells them from overseas retailers. For example, Amazon, Costco, or Walmart. They can search any retailers from the USA, UK, EU, or Japan. The service then automatically prices products in the buyer’s local currency, inclusive of all shipping and duty costs. Customers can pay using their local credit cards via its website. By integrating Trusu, its customers will be able to instantly purchase products all the way to their door.

We believe no other service has had the vision to seamlessly offer a worldwide catalogue of products to their customers like ZipX has.


From Paula in Hong Kong

I asked ZipX for the impossible, a charcoal grill (along with Charcoal!) from the USA within 10 days to have a summer BBQ for my daughter's birthday. ZipX communicated with me the entire time and we were able to have a great party.

Meet the Team

Team picture

James Steinberg


James got into logistics by creating databases for warehouses to keep track of their labels in New Jersey. He then used knowledge to create a Silicon Valley business called Shotput, providing on-demand fulfillment and shipping for Kickstarters. He ended up shipping thousands of products all over the world. Soon afterward, James created and sold a smartphone app for finding gyms called Pedal. In 2016, James co-founded Trusu, building the site and tech behind the service now known as ZipX.

Team picture

John Yoost

Senior Developer

John has worked in the computer industry for over 35 years. Having worked as a consultant for REI, K-Mart, and Dillards Department Store, he understands scaling issues as well as design for internal as well as customer facing. John's international experience includes working for Silicon Graphics in Neufchatel, Switzerland as a manufacturing systems consultant. He has worked with Suppliers and manufacturers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Japan as a business owner of a marketing and manufacturing company.

Team picture

Amy Walsh

Design Lead

Amy has 13 years experience in design, building brands and executing their roll out across print, web and social media. She is passionate about breathing life into ideas through authentic design that resonates. And believes in creating designs that are both beautiful and practical.

Team picture

Andrew Cheung


Andrew is an analytically minded financial analysis professional with over-ten years of experience in finance reporting, budget development, consolidation and projects management gained from MNC’s. He possesses a keen understanding of financial planning, accounting, analytics with demonstrated track record providing comprehensive budgeting and proposal strategies. Independent proactively & strong result-orientated mentality with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Team picture

Claudia Tung

Marketing Assistant

Claudia completed her undergraduate studies in business and psychology at Emory University in the USA. She is currently at ZipX helping out with customer service and marketing. She is eager to apply the skills she learned in the classroom while continuing to learn more about this exciting industry.

Board of Directors

Team picture

Joe Costigan


Team picture

Morty Langslow

Founder and CEO of Lenton Group

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