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Aluminum Shock Mount For Blue Yeti Microphone by Auphonix

HK$310.00 as of April 11, 2019
International Shipping from the USA Included
Estimated delivery date: July 09, 2019


Aluminum Shock Mount For Blue Yeti Microphone by Auphonix

BLUE YETI Compatible SHOCKMOUNT - Designed Specifically For Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Pro USB Microphones, the Blue Yeti Shock Mount isolates your mic from sound & vibration. No more frustrating post-production editing.

BLUE SNOWBALL Compatible SHOCK MOUNT - Also fits the Blue Snowball Microphone, removing mouse banging and keyboard thumping from recordings. Clean audio is hugely important to keeping your listeners/viewers engaged. Don't give them an excuse to leave.

SHOCK MOUNT For YETI - The mount has a specially designed unique Multi-Sized thread to fit US & Euro microphone arms (3/16", 5/16" threads). No adapter needed.

SHOCKMOUNT is manufactured with a Compact and Lightweight Aluminum Design, taking up much less visual space and reducing the weight on your microphone arm, helping prevent your microphone arm from dropping while you are recording.

BACKED BY OUR 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE We want our customers to have a 5 star experience. If for any reason you are not happy with the shockmount just let us know and we will immediately give you a 100% Refund.