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UpBright New Global 24V AC / DC Adapter For LG 26LV 26LV2500 26" HD LED LCD TV HDTV Television 24VDC Power Supply Cord Cable Cha

World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection). Tested Units. In Great Working Condition. UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty. Fits LG 19LS350S 19LS350S ZA 19LS350SZA 19LS350T 19LS350T ZA 19LS350TZA 19LS3500 19LS3500-ZA 19LS3500ZA

UpBright New Global 24V AC / DC Adapter Replacement For LG 26LV 2500 26LV2500 26LE3300 26LE 5300 5500 26LT 640H 26LS 350S 26" 22LE 5500 22LE5300 22LV 2520 22LS 3500 22LT360C 22" 19LE 5300 19LE5300 19LV 2500 19" 15EL9500 15EL 9500 15" LED LCD HD TV HDTV Television PA-1061-61 EAY62289901 EAY62629102 EAY62629201 Zenith EAY62289801 24VDC Switching Mode Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU

Fits LG 26LE3300 26LE 3300 26LV2530 26LV2530-TD 26LV2530-TD.ANRDLJD 26LT640H 26LT640E 26LT660H 26LT380H 26LT640H-ZA 26LT640E-ZA 26LT660H-ZA 26LT380H-ZA 26LT36WC 26LT 36WC 26LT36WC-TA 26LT360C 26LT365H 26LT360C-TA 26LT365H-TA 26LE 5300 5500 26LE5300 26LE5500 26LE5300-CA 26LE5300-UE AUSWLUR ZENITH 26LV 26LV2520 26LV2520-UC 26LV2520-UJ 26LV255C 26LV255C-UA 26LS350S 26LS350T 26LS3590 26LS359S 26LS359T 26LE5300 26LE 5300 26LE5300-CA 26LE5300-UE 26LV2500UA 26LV2500UG 26LV2500-UA 26LV2500-UG 26" HD TV

Fits LG Electronics 19LE 5300 19LE5300 19LS350S 19LS350S ZA 19LS350SZA 19LS350T 19LS350T ZA 19LS350TZA 19LS 3500 19LS3500 ZA 19LS3500ZA 19LV2520 19LV2520-UC 22LV2520-UC PLASMA 19LV2500 19LV2500-UA 19LV2500-UG 22LV2500 22LV2500-UA 22LV2500-UG 19" LED-backlit Flatron Monitor LED LCD HD TV HDTV Television. 15EL9500 15" 26LV2500-ZA 26LV2500ZA HDTV OLED Television LED TV

Fits LG 22LE 5500 22LE5300 22LE5500 22LE3300 22LE 3300 22LE5300-CA 22LE5300-UE 22LE3300-ZA 22LV5500 22LV 5500 26LV5500 Class HD 720P 22LT360C 22LT361C 22LT365H 22LT360C-TA 22LT361C-TA 22LT365H-TA 22LT640H-ZA 22LT640E-ZA 22LT380H-ZA 22LV255C 22LV255C-UA 22LV2520 22LS3500 22LS3500-UD 22" LED LCD HD TV. LG Electronics PA-1061-61 P/N EAY62289901 EAY62629102 EAY62629201 Zenith Part# EAY62289801 24 VDC 1700mA 1800mA 2000mA 2500mA 3000mA 24.0V 1.7A 1.8A 2A 2.5A - 3A Switching Mode Power Supply

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