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Aluminum Shock Mount For Blue Yeti Microphone by Auphonix

VIBRATION, NOISE DISTORTION, SHOCK...GONE: ISO-X Proprietary NOISE ISOLATION Technology combines with Advanced RECORDING OPTIMIZED SUSPENSION BANDS to shield your Blue Yeti Mic from the vibrations, shock pops and voice-distorting noises, so you can stop rerecording and save time post production.

THE STURDIEST PROTECTION IT WONT DROP, GUARANTEED: ROBUST, ULTRA REINFORCED microphone shock mount components allow you to create crisp, crystal-clear recordings while ensuring your Blue Yeti stays safely suspended in the air. The ideal shock mount blue yeti mic equipment for the RISING MUSICIAN, Vlogger, Voice Over Artist or Podcast Host.

TAKE ME ANYWHERE AT JUST 7 ounces, this COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE Blue Yeti Shock Mount easily tucks into your suitcase, backpack or tiny apartment studio so you can continue recording your work while youre touring, working, or rocking it in your home office.

QUICK SETUP, NO ADAPTER NEEDED: SPECIALLY DESIGNED for the Blue Yeti Microphone, Blue Yeti Pro USB and Blue Snowball, this microphone shockmount contains multi-sized threads (3/8 & 5/8 threads) that fit US and European Microphone Arms - no adapter needed.

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