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ZipX Shipping Deal!

ZipX is testing a monthly members-only shipping deal. Up to 5 items for only 50 HKD flat-rate shi[...]

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Our Favourite ZipX Product Requests of the Week

ZipX customers request hundreds of products every week from the US and UK  that they wish they could[...]

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Introducing ZipX100

.fusion-button.button-2 .fusion-button-text, .fusion-button.button-2 i {color:#ffffff;}.fusio[...]

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ZipX now lets you shop from the UK in Hong Kong!

We are very excited to announce that ZipX now allows you to buy the products you love from any websi[...]

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List of Prohibited Items for Import into Hong Kong

Importing in to Hong Kong is relatively easy compared to many other countries that aren’t free ports[...]

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Biggest Sales Dates for US E-Commerce Websites in 2019

Everyone love sales, don’t they? We know for a fact we do! Here at ZipX, we will be giving you a hea[...]

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Top 10 US E Commerce Sites of 2019

In this post, we have identified our top 10 US sites for e-commerce shopping. So be it for resellers[...]

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3 reasons why ZipX is your best eCommerce partner

We all know how easy it is to purchase something online. A couple of clicks here and there to view a[...]

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A New Chapter for Trusu – now ZipX

Today we are sharing the exciting news that Trusu has been acquired by ZipX, a global logistics comp[...]

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How smart are your speakers?

ZipX’s office has been considering getting a smart speaker, so we decided to do some research and th[...]

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