In this post, we have identified our top 10 US sites for e-commerce shopping. So be it for resellers/merchants or buyers, these US websites will offer you the best value for your buck and product varieties.

So without further delay, here you go!

1.    Amazon US

It comes without surprise Amazon is one of the top US website for your online e-commerce shopping experience. Amazon US has the largest product count of around 606 million unique listings in 2018. The sheer amount of product listing makes them one of the most popular websites in USA to buy literally anything from.

2.    Ebay US

Ebay US is another major online platform. They are one of the best places to start looking when potential customers are looking for antiques, vintage items and collectibles. The auction function and sale deals make them attractive for customers looking to score a good deal for certain products.

3.    Walmart

Walmart has over 4300 stores and facilities in USA alone. They offer an extensive range of electronic products ranging from MP3 players to computers, baby products, and sporting goods while keeping their prices as low as possible. Their wide range of products make them one of the biggest brick and mortar & online retailer in USA.

4.    Costco

Costco is a giant in the wholesale retail market in USA. And with wholesale, it comes the apparent added value of cost savings. They offer an extensive range of household products, sporting goods, office supplies, electronic and small appliances, books and toys.

5.    Home Depot

As the name suggest, Home Depot is one of the largest and most trusted US -brand for furniture, household appliances, home decor products and DIY tools.

6.    Best Buy

According to Yahoo! Finance, Best Buy is the largest specialty retailer in the US consumer electronics retail industry with over 1900 stores. They have a wide range of electronic products ranging from phones, tv, audio equipment to drones. They have expanded their product range now to include home improvement products, garage equipment, office equipment and even home appliances.

7.    Wayfair

Wayfair is an American company that sells an extensive range of home furnishing and décor items such as home furniture, office furniture, beddings, kitchen lightings, and electrical appliances. They have over 10 million products sourced from over 10000 suppliers in the USA, providing them the capability to offer a wide range of items for their customer.

8.    Target

“Expect More, Pay Less” – This is Target’s commitment to its customers. Target has more than 1800 stores and is one of the biggest hypermarkets and discount stores in the US. Their products range from clothing, furniture, home improvement, electronics, sporting goods to even musical instruments and pet accessories.

9.    Macy’s

Macy’s is an iconic brand, delivering fashion and affordable luxury through powerful assortments of the best national and private brands. With over 650 department stores, Macy’s sells a huge variety of products including home essentials, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, junior clothing, kids’ clothing and shoes. The store also sells watches, jewelry, handbags and accessories.

10. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is the largest department store chain in the US with over 1100 stores countrywide. Kohl’s carries an extensive range of products similar to traditional department store ranging from clothing, home essentials, shoes, jewelry to furniture.


We hope that this list of major US e-commerce sites will improve your online shopping experience.

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Happy Shopping!