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How it works

Our team at ZipX is thrilled to announce our new membership plan! ZipX100 gives you access to the best discounted prices on any ZipX product, as well as several other benefits, including an easy option for refunds for any reason.*

The best part? You can try it FREE for an entire month, and it’s only HK $100 per month after that.

Other Benefits:

  • Special ZipX100 members-only promotions
  • Base insurance on your items increases to 100% of the item value or HKD$1,600, whichever is lower*
  • Refunds of 70% of the item value or HKD$1,600, whichever is lower, are applicable for any reason within 2 weeks of delivery*

Check out these examples of great ZipX100 savings for members

Rest-Easy International Returns

Cross-border returns and refunds have been the most difficult challenge for us as package-forwarders, and we know that sometimes, the item you buy just doesn’t work or fit in the way you wanted. With ZipX100, you can rest easier.

Don’t see a product you’d like? ZipX also allows you to request any product from websites in the US, UK, and UK

Our team will list the product on our website for you to purchase in HKD, including all shipping fees. Any requested product will also include the ZipX100 discount for our members.

Don’t miss out on the best prices for products from the US, UK, and the EU!

Join ZipX100

*See our Terms of Service for full details.